Residential tower in Bahrain

Concept for a residential tower in Manama (Bahrain)

The building occupies a plot of a corner , creating a duality of prospects which try to relate to the surrounding buildings and the marine environment on the horizon. The project has weighed up the orientation and insolation ; the facades look towards the sea and the town with a dual trend - the curved one turns to the south toward the village, while the diamond one on the north turns to the horizon of the sea. The aim is to oppose these two elements diversifying them both in height and color. They become dark in one direction and transparent on the other side. Inside the building- connected with the central block of lifts and stairwells are located the greenhouses that allow you to enjoy a garden inside the apartment. The facades are equipped with a double-skin and a double window that let the warm air to go up inhaling the fresh air from the greenhouses and the ventilation channels to get a better air conditioning of the building. It was planned a possible subdivision of the apartments with different sizes. In the upper floors, luxury penthouses with pools and jacuzzis of own property were placed. On a flat of the roof a place for leisure was included and a large swimming pool with a sun terrace. The ground floor with a double height allows you to get to the lift systems within green spaces. The first seven floors will be used for the parking, which is accessible by spiral ramps. The qualifying element of the plan is the natural air conditioning system with green spaces in all the flats and the means for flexibility in the subdivision of the apartments due to the use of a frame structure with a mesh size of 5.78x5.78 mt. Other solutions were also planned from an aesthetics point of view. They allow you to consider some formal changes with the inclusion of loggias and balconies that create effects in contrast with the glass window. This solution allows you to obtain different formal solutions without structural changes.